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Shawn Jong Hoon Lee

- 이종훈 -
+82 10 6761 6958

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Shawn Jong Hoon Lee(이종훈) is a concept artist and an illustrator in the gaming and film industry. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea working as a freelance 2D environment artist. 


SQUARE ENIX - 2D environment artist

DBROS - 2D environment artist 

YD ONLINE - 2D environment artist

BOVINE WARS - 2D artist


Annual Spring Show - Academy of Art University

 • 2015(featured in Visual Development Category)

 • 2014(featured in Game Design Category)

 • 2013(featured in Visual Development Category)




Academy of Art University - BFA School of Visual Development  

San Francisco, CA, USA

Langley Fine Art School - Fine Art Major  

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

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